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CNP solutions is a professional functional materials company.

We aim to foster a company that has both culture and value.

We provide products in a timely fashion to meet the needs of customers based on

  accumulated know-how by the experience from long-term research and development

Actively utilizing infrastructure of Korea University,

CNP Solutions offer professional consulting services and analysis

using technical equipments from the best facilities.

CNP solutions sincerely desire to become a technologically leading company that contribute to the creation of both public interest and profit and the development of functional materials in the areas of material convergence, hybrid materials, electrical and electronic materials industry required for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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We perform a variety of tasks such as analyzing defects, designing product structures using electronic materials, and practicing shielding using conducting polymers, photopolymer compounds with high level of functionality, and organic and inorganic hybrid composites.

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CNP solutions looks forward to your suggestions. Please contact us via with any questions, including development request, analysis request, and material inquiry.

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