Photo-curable coating solutions with high level of functionality, organic and inorganic hybrid composites,
anti-static and shielding materials based on conducting polymers and designing product structures

Functional Materials

Polymer material used in the field of electronics and electricity
Display products with surface treatment
Photopolymer products with high level of functionality
Industrial functional products for surface treatment

Hybrid Nano Materials

Organic and inorganic hybrid composites
Silver nano-wire electrode materials

Conducting Polymers

ESD protecting products with permanent electrical property
High conducting polymer-based electrode products that are harmless to humans
Electrode material for lithium-ion batteries

Analysis / Consulting

 Structural and compositional analysis using a variety of professional analyzing
equipments  such as SEM, TEM, FTIR, XPS, XRR, DSC, GCMS


Professional consultation on the analysis of material, product design,
or any defect in the  materials and products